Colorado Leads the LEED Way In Construction

Colorado Leads the LEED Way In Construction

In 2010 more and more companies decided to start building green and were meeting LEED standards in their construction. Vertical Arts has always prized sustainability and environmental-friendliness in their designs, and was happy to see other businesses jump on board with all things green. Our location in Colorado inspires us with it’s beautiful natural elements and the many residents working to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones inspired, as Colorado is one of the top 10 states in the country for LEED construction.

colorado landscape

The Top 10 LEED states per capita (Including the District of Columbia) are:

  • District of Columbia: 25.15 sf
  • Nevada: 10.92 sf
  • New Mexico: 6.35 sf
  • New Hampshire: 4.49 sf
  • Oregon: 4.07 sf
  • South Carolina: 3.19 sf
  • Washington: 3.16 sf
  • Illinois: 3.09 sf
  • Arkansas: 2.9 sf
  • Colorado: 2.85 sf
  • Minnesota: 2.77 sf

Did your home state make the cut? Whether or not your home made the list, you can help boost your state’s LEED status by contacting Vertical Arts for a sustainable, beautiful space.

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