Can Elvis Save this City?

Can Elvis Save this City?

When one thinks of Las Vegas, modern Architecture tends to be far from the mind.  So why did a group of highly respected Architects think they could build a mega modern city and change the landscape of Las Vegas forever?

The new Las Vegas CityCenter, an ambitious project from MGM Mirage and its partner Dubai World, fell short on its promises, even with the contemporary geniuses of Daniel Libeskind and Helmut Jahn.  So you ask, where did they go wrong?  Fred Bernstein of Architecture Magazine details the mistakes made since the inception of the project.

He brilliantly states when referring to the sustainability of the venture, “it’s hard to imagine anything less green than 18 million square feet of air-conditioned space in the Mojave Desert. Admirable as some features of the complex may be, the only truly sustainable decision would have been not to build it.”

Not everyone feels the same way as Bernstein about CityCenter.  Some see it as a ray of hope for Las Vegas, who was hit extremely hard during the current recession.  Cirque Du Soleil’s Viva Elvis show is sure to drive visitors to CityCenter where they can experience Elvis in all his Vegas glory.

Whatever your opinion may be, no one can ignore the scope of which it was built.  During its coverage of Aria’s Grand Opening, ABC Nightline said that “MGM Mirage’s CityCenter is possibly the biggest bet in Las Vegas’ history. With four towering hotels, a casino, a high-end shopping complex and 42 restaurants and bars, it’s an $8.5 billion, 18-million-square-foot behemoth and the crown jewel of the Strip.”

Do you think the project was worth the 8.5 billion price tag?

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