Bringing You To Your Senses This Holiday Season

Bringing You To Your Senses This Holiday Season


Sight: More Than Red and Green

Use colors that focus on features we see from the natural world. Imagine sitting in your warm, cozy home looking out onto the mountains of white snow trails, grey and blue skies, and deep green pine trees that hold dark brown pine cones. These are the colors of winter and the holidays and now it is time to bring them in to your home!

Touch: Warmth Is in the Textures

Work on brining in warm textures this holiday season. We suggest using cowhides to bring warmth to any room of your home. Drape it across the sofa for extra décor, or lay it across dining room chairs to cozy up the space. Also, don’t forget to focus on pillows and blankets. Using fur pillows and blankets will warm up the space and add just a touch of comfort to your home.


Smell: Grandmas Sugar Cookies or The Natural Pines?

Is it the smell of a wood burning fire place, natural pines or fresh baked sugar cookies that brings you back to a childhood Christmas? This holiday season remember that a good fragrance can add just the right touch to any welcoming home. Produce these wonderful smells with a candle to add a warm flickering light that will make your home glow.

Taste: Savor The Holiday

We suggest purchasing your favorite type of holiday candy and wrapping it in little bows to place around your home. This will be a perfect special gift for your guests, and you too! Shhh we won’t tell if you take a piece.”

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