Boulder Ridge

Boulder Ridge

Are you familiar with Vertical Arts‘ work at Boulder Ridge? This hidden sanctuary — tucked away off of Fish Creek Falls Road — boasts more than “seven acres of open space and a private hiking trail system” and is located less than two miles “from everything that makes Steamboat a special place to call home,” according to Prudential Steamboat Realty.


The following is an excerpt from Prudential Steamboat Realty’s blog post, “The possibilities of Boulder Ridge delivered by two top Steamboat architects“:

“Vertical Arts saw an opportunity at Boulder Ridge to celebrate the beauty of Steamboat by integrating the natural environment with built spaces.  Funneling runoff water underneath a bridged entryway and an elevated walkway exemplifies this notion.  On the South facing elevations an emphasis is placed on the experience of living outdoors.  Depending on the season each outdoor space offers a distinctively different experience achieving harmonious balance between indoor and outdoor spaces.

“All of the building sites at Boulder Ridge capture a unique perspective of Steamboat and the surrounding landscape,” quoted Brandt Vanderbosch of Vertical Arts.  “We were drawn specifically to Lot 8.  From this vantage point we were able to orient interior and exterior spaces to frame views of the ski mountain, Flattops, and the valley below.

“Vertical Arts highlighted the sustainable opportunity available at Boulder Ridge, “We oriented the majority of the living spaces to open up to the southern views.  Not only are the views spectacular but the opportunity for passive solar heating is ideal.  We use Building Information Modeling (BIM) in order to study sun angles at specific times of year.  This helps us determine roof overhangs and window sizes and locations.”

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