Boulder Ridge

Boulder Ridge

The Boulder Ridge home is well under construction in Steamboat Springs. The house is a mountain modern style with some very unique and contemporary details. Follow in suit if you want to achieve a home that is modern and refined.

  1. Ditch the trim — The entire house is trim-less, meaning all of the windows and doors have drywall returns. Although this can be time-consuming for the drywall team, it leaves a look that feels light and airy.
  2. Flush Base — Notice the detail at the base of the wall. We have recessed a wood base so it’s flush with the drywall above. There is a ¼” shadow-line between the two that adds a nice contemporary finish.
  3. Flush Doors — Flush doors create a strong modern impact. Here we have chosen to make all of the subsidiary doors like closets, laundry and panty flush with the adjacent walls and painted to match. There is no casing on the door so when closed, it will blend with the walls. Care was also taken to merge the flush base with the flush door, creating a truly elegant detail.

Stay tuned to see more of the home as it nears completion.

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