Blue Makes a Universal Comeback

Blue Makes a Universal Comeback

Have you been feeling blue? How about seeing blue?

While browsing the Material Girls Blog, we stumbled across a fantastic chair, and undeniable fact. Blue is back…in a big way. Flip through your favorite fashion or interior design magazine, and you’re sure to notice some watery hues staring back at you.

blue wing backed leather chair

Why is blue so big now? The hue has made a stellar comeback first of all because of it’s beauty. It’s a sleek color that’s chic and sophisticated, without being as harsh as black. It’s a handsome and of course sexy, creating character and beauty within a space.

Blue’s comeback  can also be attributed to it’s universal nature. The color looks wonderful in the summer as well as the winter, and it doesn’t carry gender bias. You can put blue in a feminine office or a masculine bedroom, and it won’t discriminate. No matter where you put the shade, it’s going to lend a stylish touch to it’s surroundings.

Keep your eyes out for this comeback color trend as you consider your next pallet for a room or your home, or even for your wardrobe. How bold will you go with blue?

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