Black Is The New Stainless

Black Is The New Stainless

Stainless steel has been a long time staple in interior design for the last few decades. Recently, however, its darker cousin is making steam in the design industry. Here are some ways to use it in your new home or remodel.

1. Appliances: Several companies have rolled out blackened stainless lines of refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers as a new finish material for their appliances. They boast better smudge resistance and a new, sleek dark finish for a cutting-edge look. Polls are still out as to whether or not blackened stainless will have staying power, but we think it has the potential to make your kitchen stand out.

LG Blackened Stainless Line

2. Counters: Stainless steel counters are a great alternative to the traditional granite or quartz counter, but can be too modern and shiny for some. In comes the blackened! The sultry color tones down the stainless, but still gives a metallic vibe to the space. By integrating sinks and drying areas the counters truly shine in any modern kitchen.

3. Door accents: Metal inlays are a popular way to jazz up a front door. But what if you don’t want the shiny, modern stainless look? Blackened stainless gives a more industrial-steampunk look while at the same time remains weather and rust resistant, which is important for exterior applications.

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