Artist Brian Leach Featured in Steamboat Today

Artist Brian Leach Featured in Steamboat Today

Brian Leach, the local artist behind the current Vertical Arts Gallery exhibit, was featured recently in Steamboat Today for his innovative artwork, which is created using a unique wood-burning technique. After hosting an opening reception for Brian on Feb. 11, his work has been displayed throughout the month at the Vertical Arts Gallery.

Leach began his work as an artist while recovering from a recent construction accident, he told Steamboat Today, and he hopes to make the craft a full-time pursuit in the future. Seeing potential in “pieces of cedar, oak, and his favorite wood, alder,” Leach turns cast-offs into sustainable multi-tonal wood sculptures such as the “long, cane-like stick emblazoned with Polynesian-inspired flower designs” (above) displayed at Vertical Arts during the exhibit.

“It’s both architecture and interior design,” says Vertical Arts interior designer Jennifer Helm. “And it’s so creative. It could really go anywhere.”

Check out our featured exhibit in March.

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