Are you eco-friendly?

Are you eco-friendly?

In order to live a greener life and develop a eco-friendly existence we will have to take a holistic approach to the process. We must realize that everything that we need for our existence comes directly or indirectly from nature. Sustainability is the technical term for this harmony that we must achieve with nature in order to continue thriving on this planet.

Everything from upgrading the fridge, taking faster showers, and buying a cast iron pan are all choices that can greatly impact the environment. has a great online quiz called “What’s More Eco-Friendly?”, where you can test your knowledge on which products are greener and more sustainable. For example “Which is greener? Recycling Glass or Recycling Plastic?” If you guessed glass you are right.

To learn more about how you can live a more eco-friendly life visit and take the quiz.

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