Architecture in Times of Need

Architecture in Times of Need

In honor of the New Orleans Saints overcoming all odds to win the Super Bowl in their first appearance, we thought it appropriate to highlight one part-time Big Easy resident’s quest to bring hope to the post-Katrina city in a different way–through architecture.


Okay, we know Brad Pitt is more of a celebrity than anything, but his determination to “Make it Right,” (also the name of his foundation formed to reconstruct the Lower Ninth Ward–the section of town most damaged in the hurricane in an affordable, green way) is a much-needed initiative to renew a city still struggling to rebuild five years later. reviews the book, which details the collaboration between Pitt, respected architects from around the world, and the former residents, the latter of whom participated in the design process, opting to reconstruct homes in the New Orleans vernacular — the long, narrow shotgun-style houses along with the ever-important front porch, all conforming to LEED standards.

Check out online antiques Web site, under “Required Reading” for a great review.

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