Architecture At Work in Outdoor Landscaping

Architecture At Work in Outdoor Landscaping

A good way to marry innovative architecture is with great, modern decor. Your immediate thought may go to magnificent artpieces, etc. but when you live with modern style, art surpasses hanging pictures.

A lot of contemporary architecture create open spaces in structure. Floor to wall windows, high ceilings as well as openings of light, often bring a lot of the outdoor in.

In a literal sense,  outdoor landscape can be a good focal art piece. Shifted focus goes beyond placed windows. Delineated spaces and outdoor architecture can coincide to “frame nature” in an unconventional way.

Eva Hagberg talks about constructed environments in her book, “Nature Framed: At Home in The Landscape.” Creating such environments and focal points creates sustainable design, that we here at Vertical Arts try to create for each of our clients.

Check out some of our gallery images of architectural design that has framed landscaping and brought in outdoors like that of Hagberg:

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