An Olympic Abode in Steamboat Magazine

An Olympic Abode in Steamboat Magazine

In honor of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, we thought we’d take you on a tour of the home of former Olympic bronze medalist and two-time world champion Nelson Carmichael, courtesy of Steamboat Magazine.


According to the article, it was after his retirement from freestyle skiing that Carmichael returned to Steamboat and began to search for the perfect lot, one that would ideally be situated in an older neighborhood but also close to the mountain, which he found in the Whistler neighborhood. “In a neighborhood of low-key, conventional houses, Nelson hired local architectural firm Vertical Arts to help him come up with something not-so-low key. ‘I wanted the outside to feel like part of the inside, and I wanted a courtyard concept to take advantage of the stream and the views of the open space,’ he says. ‘I think I did alright.’”

Pick up a copy of Steamboat Magazine’s Winter 2010 for more behind-the-scenes photos from Carmichael’s “Olympic Abode.”

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