A World Class Stadium for the World Cup

A World Class Stadium for the World Cup

For all of you soccer fans out there, or as the rest of the world calls it “football”, we thought we’d kick a post your way.

With most of the world focusing on the games that will be played during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, we thought we’d talk a little about the architecture of one of the stadiums where one of the semi-final matches will be held.  The construction of the Moses Mabhid Stadium was completed in 2009 and already the stadium has become a national landmark.

According to Inhabitat.com, “the new stadium was in part built from the materials of the old stadium, including 30,000 cubic meters of concrete demolition material. The roof membrane is PTFE, which is 50% transparent and provides natural daylight while protecting the fans below. Water conservation and energy efficiency were also top priorities, as was natural ventilation and daylighting. The stadium boasts an energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and is capable of collecting rainwater. After the World Cup, the stadium will be used for other sporting events and concerts — it was even built to Olympic standards in hopes of a hosting a future Olympic Games in South Africa.”

Go Team USA!

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