A Day In Mexico: A View of a Mexican Home With Repurposed Materials

A Day In Mexico: A View of a Mexican Home With Repurposed Materials

Cinco de Mayo is only one day a way, and as a celebration, we wanted to head South of the border and discuss a wonderful home in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Dwell recently featured the home in a slideshow, and we’re ready to share it here.

In the middle of a pine forest in Cuernavaca Mexico, architect Alfredo Raymundo Cano Briceño created an addition to the family home, made to house the three children of the family.

addition in Mexico

The addition, just under 500 square feet, is constructed from repurposed pine that Cano had used for previous projects’ framework. He also covered the structure with clear plastic panels he recovered from a landfill, protecting the wood from the rain, and reflecting the forest around them.

mexico addition footbridge

A footbridge connects the kids to their parents in the main house. The footbridge is enclosed with glass, so that it feels almost like a part of the forest. None of the wood used was treated with varnish, protecting it’s natural hue and character.

mexico addition, on the footbridge

In case of nightmares or the need for a glass of water during the night, the footbridge is always well lit. It does not need it’s own lights, as exterior lights provide enough illumination to light the way.

For more information, read the rest of the story on Dwell. Images via Dwell.

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