3 Inspiring Snow Resorts From Around The World

3 Inspiring Snow Resorts From Around The World

With the recent snow fall in Steamboat, we have all been getting cozy, relaxing, and taking in the beauty of winter in the valley. What’s better than a hot cup of coffee, a warm fire, and a panoramic view into a wintery wonderland? Here are a few of our favorite snowy spots to enjoy the outdoors in a less than traditional chalet. 1. Juvet Landscape Hotel This hotel does an amazing job of creating an intimate connection with the river nearby, while still maintaining a cozy, warm feel inside the sauna. The small forms tuck within the varied landscape and allow each view to be unique and private.

Photos from “River Sauna” on ArchDaily 2. Igloo Village

This unique development allows visitors to sleep under the Northern Lights in Finland with a special glass system that maintains indoor comfort in chilling -30°C weather. The individual igloos create a private experience and a landscape effect to die for.

Photos from Kakslauttanen. 3. Whitepod

This unusual geodesic dome sits atop a sloping landscape to offer panoramic views of the Swiss valley below in a small, ecofriendly room. The small stove is efficient enough to heat the small interior and offer he guest a cozy interior. Wouldn’t you love to sleep under that pillowy roof white it snows outside?

Photos from Architizer.com Want your own private retreat to enjoy? Contact Vertical Arts Architecture for all things architecture and interior design related.

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