10 Things you Should Know Before you Remodel

10 Things you Should Know Before you Remodel

Colorado Homes & Lifestyles‘ March 2010 issue just hit the newsstands and their back-page article, “10 Things You Should Know Before You Remodel,” is a must-read for anyone thinking of remodeling in the upcoming year. colorado

Here are a few of our favorite things to keep in mind:

* “Thinking of knocking out several walls to create one big multi-function room? Just remember, the eye actually perceives less space–not more–when there’s undifferentiated space. Only create a huge room if it’s in line with how you live.”

* “A house full of rooms and doors feels cramped psychologically. Widen doorways and frame them so there’s a greater sense of connection between spaces without losing the identity of each room.

* “To enhance a home’s ambiance, vary the ceiling heights–lower over an informal dining area, higher in a great room, lower in a hallway. Why? People respond to the feeling of compression and release.”

Not a subscriber? Check out their digital issue online.

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